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FrenchMortgage is your comparison website, that gives you great deals your mortgage. Better still, it also gives half of the money that it makes to 1001 Fontaines and Objectif brousse. Which is good for people in poverty. Which sounds very good to us.

Commissions received : 8.112.00 € - Giving donations : 4.000.00 €


With efficiency an total confidentialty, our mortgage experts will inform and advise you helping you search for your best mortgage solution. This service is free of charge.

Our committment: your satisfaction


  • you will obtain a mortgage illustration within 48 hours from banks and our financial partners,
  • your file is followed-up by a specialized advisor,
  • you benefit from the competition between banks and our financial partners

Because we negociate the lowest rate and best possible conditions for your mortgage,
you will easily be able to compare the most advantageous finance to suit you requirements and your profile.

Thanks to you will be able to choose your perfect mortgage solution.
Independence is crucial to be able to find the best deal and most suitable financial offer for each persons individual needs.

Our website is not a bank nor a mortage finance company.

BM Consultants, is a registered trademark of BM Consultants. This independent company specialises in mortage brokerage and has been operating since 1997 in advising major institutions, private groups as well as individuals. It has partnerships with major banks, financial companies and financial brokerage leaders, in particular :Omnigain, Panoranet, Caisse d'Epargne, Groupe CIC, Groupe BNP Paribas UCB, HSCB France, Société Générale,...

BM Consultants - 27-29, rue Raffet 75016 - PARIS - FRANCE
Siret n° 413 704 248 - TVA Intracommunautaire n° FR84413704248.


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The French intellectual property law forbids copies or reproductions inteded to a colletive use. Any integral or partial representation or reproduction made by any process, without the author's or his representatives'consent, is illicit and is considered as counterfeit, according to articles L.335-2 and following of the intellectual property law.

This website is not bound by commercial relationship and possible agreements between the borrower and financial companies or brokers. Any disputes that may oppose loan applicants to their couterparts cannot be related to the website's responsibility.

All information available on the website are given in a free information purpose, subject to particular conditions linked to the project and situation of the applicant, they cannot be taken into account for any decision without the advise of a professional who will adapt financing means to the projects and profiles of the applicants.

Advise given in the property financing framework are free of charge and as simple information and do not bind by any responsibility.