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FrenchMortgage is your comparison website, that gives you great deals your mortgage.
Better still, it also gives half of the money that it makes to 1001 Fontaines and Objectif brousse.
Which is good for people in poverty. Which sounds very good to us.

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Borrowing possibilities

How much can I borrow?

Monthly net income: EUR
Loan duration:
12 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
Loan Amount (€)
53 766 EUR
62 280 EUR
73 888 EUR
83 211 EUR
Monthly payment (€)
500 EUR
500 EUR
500 EUR
500 EUR
Theoretical interest rate
Theoretical insurance rate
700 EUR
700 EUR
738 EUR
832 EUR
Global effective rate
5.1  %
5.23  %
5.3  %
5.27  %
Cost of interest(€)
18 233  EUR
27 720  EUR
46 111  EUR
66 789  EUR is not a bank or a credit company, we facilitate your search for a mortgage solutions. Here are some hypotheses of mortgage monthly repayments for a variable rate mortgage with life assurance, invalidity and / or incapacity cover. All information is theoretical without any contractual value, assuming an "in-debt ratio" of 33% of available income. Any eventual offer is subject to a full underwriting appraisal and financial study of your application by the lending company you choose. Finance is only available in France and DOM-TOM. All preliminary sales agreements for purchasing property in France should be subject to the obtention of the required finance and a suitable mortgage through habilitated banks and financial companies.